UNIS was created in 2006 with the objective of providing a new business management model based on ethics and values and taking into account the real needs of humanity. Seeing the result of the actions done by man for centuries, it was the moment to draw new horizons more in line with the true essence of the human being: The infinite capacity to create.

UNIS designs, shapes and builds transformation projects to bring them to their maximum expression and make them generate the maximum Sustainable Wealth. With our methodologies and systems we can determine the reason for being of each territory, organization or person and provide the necessary tools to jointly design and build transformation and adaptation projects to the XXI century.

For your peace of mind, Welcome to UNIS WORLD


Our Mission is to Build & Protect an International Platform of Professional Excellence with the Promotion and Creation of Sustainable Wealth which improves Quality of life, Preserves Natural Systems & Maintains itself by its own Resources.

UNIS leads with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity, creating ProtocolsModels to generate Efficiency & Optimal Process. Our Integral & Customised Solutions Create & Add Value for all Members of the UNIS SOCIETY. We Inspire and Promote RESPECT, FAIRNESS & TRUST; Motivating People & Building Commitment; Creating a culture of Empowerment of Innate Abilities and Capabilities for the achievement of both Organisational & Personal Goals.

We create intelligent and efficient solutions that allow the optimal management of available resources. We combine the best of local knowledge with a global perspective.

We promote and design different frameworks for collaboration between public and private entities as well as the promotion of international business.

We define organizational models that integrate the necessary functions for the transformation of territory and/or organization.

Our local teams, established in different countries, guarantee the good operation and the best practices between all the parties involved, adding value and sustainable wealth.


We create structures for the efficient development of the projects with the quality, the budget and the required deadlines and to maximise the creation of value for individuals, organisations and territories. The design, execution and project management phases are designed to improve the results of our clients through our methodologies created to offer intelligent solutions.

We have a Systemic thinking Vision is a conceptual framework, which facilitates the vision and modification of existing patterns.  It allows to understand the whole and to examine the relations between the parties providing the means and incentives to integrate several disciplines. This integration helps to see how to transform systems more effectively and how to act more in tune with the processes of the natural and economic world.

  • Observe and understand the reality;
  • Have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the costumer & Environment;
  • Design flexible solutions that can adapt to continuous change;
  • Open dialogue with the parties involved;
  • Creation of strategies that last in time;
  • Respect integrity and responsibility for a sustainable future


UNIS believes that the shared values is what brings people together around a common project and promotes that they are able and willing to contribute all their knowledge, experience and potential.

We believe that Maximum Efficiency with the Minimum use of Resources is the only way to create a Lasting Wealth which is capable to provide a better quality of life, preserve Natural Systems & maintain itself by its own resources. The key is Respect.


Excellence is defined as the set of outstanding practices in the management of an organization and the achievement of results based on fundamental concepts that include: orientation towards results, customer orientation, leadership and perseverance, processes and facts, involvement of people, continuous improvement and innovation, mutually beneficial partnerships and social responsibility


Sustainability is the ability of diverse land systems, including economies and cultural systems, to survive and adapt indefinitely to changing environmental conditions, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to attend to their own needs.


Since communication begins with thought, language and the development of psycho-social capacities of relationship, since these elements are very subjective and variable, communication becomes a more complex action than that of issuing, sending and receiving information. Therefore, at UNIS, we put all the attention and means to promote understanding and promote effective communication through the management and maintenance of communication lines.


We promotes an Integrated Pedagogical Model that includes three axes Values: Why,  Knowledge: What and Competences: How, on which to work in a holistic and integrated way in order to achieve a solid learning, results oriented and to professional personal satisfaction. To work on these three axes, the methodology must be always participatory and, in many cases, experiential, in a way that impacts from the cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels. The participant must be able to take an active part in the learning process so that he can make his own discoveries and learnings of value and can experience and become aware of his competences and areas to be developed.

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